my room as a miracle 暫別狗竇


白蟻善後工程一期: 緊急撤離所有東西 - 完成

白蟻善後工程二期: 拆除受災的衣櫃書櫃和書檯 - 完成

白蟻善後工程三期: 度好尺吋買新傢俱和徹底剿滅餘孽 - 完成

白蟻善後工程四期: 新傢俱安裝和雜物重新上架 - 完成 (超感動)

白蟻善後工程五期: 把其餘五袋紅白藍的撤離雜物處理,上架和丟棄 - …得閒再執


節目預告:舊書出清 送書行動


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  1. 紫芸 says:


  2. Vivienne says:


  3. LCD says:

    白蟻善後工程五期: 把其餘五袋紅白藍的撤離雜物處理,上架和丟棄 - …得閒再執 don’t wait till later lae~ termite (White Ant) maybe hiding in there lae~

  4. 紫芸 says:

    vii:請問香港有賣卡通商品便宜的商店嗎?例如sanrio的 大約怎麼算成港幣呀?@@ 

  5. Vivienne says:

    sanrio的嗎~?大概算成100yen=7-9Hong Kong dollars都有~~


  6. Vivienne says:

    lcd >< i am reli lazy……


  7. 紫芸 says:


  8. LCD says:

    There a Shop in Mong Kok, Hong Kong that carries lots of Sanrio and San-X stuff. The shop is inside the “Trendy Zone” Mall. You could look for it, is quite cheap~

    I think vivi’s exchange rate is quite out of date lae~ As of now, I think the exchange rate for HKD and Yen is 8 HKD = 110-120 Yen lae~

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